Do We Need Permission to Heal Others?

Do We Need Permission to Heal Others?

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Do we need permission to heal others?

As Reiki Practitioners, we do not heal anyone.

We offer Reiki with an open heart and they can accept it if they like, and make use of the Reiki energy to heal themselves.

When it comes to offering Reiki for others it is important to understand this subtle difference.

We are not to impose our will upon others saying “I am healing you”.  Doing so does not honor their inner perfection and the knowingness and intelligence of their Higher Soul.

Everything we are experiencing is a result of our karma.  If you intend to heal someone’s issues without their consent, you make yourself responsible for the karma which created the problem in the first place – this is known as karmic entanglement.

It is possible to send healing and blessings for those in need without their implicit consent.

Simply offer Reiki with the intention that they only receive what they are willing to accept.  By doing this we honor their True Self, and their ability to heal themselves, and so we avoid taking on unwanted karma or imposing our will upon them.

If we are “healing someone” without their permission, we are doing something “to” them.  If we are offering healing and blessings with the intention that they may take what they need if they are open to it, we are being of service to the Divine and to others.

It is not about what we think they should be experiencing.

It is not about how we think they should be feeling.

Allowing people to be where they are at honors their soul’s unique journey.  It acknowledges that we are all in a process of growth and evolution, learning and working out our karma as we go.  It shows reverence for and deference to the Divine Will guiding the process.

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So does this mean we should just ignore those in need of help unless they implicitly ask for our assistance?


We may always offer help, however if someone is not willing to accept it, our offer will go unheeded.

It is much more effective in terms of receptivity to save your healing work for those who seek it out.

You may always offer Reiki, Divine Healing and blessings to anyone in need.  Remember that just as we want others to respect our energy bodies, we should also respect the energy bodies and souls of others as well.

If you have ever had your boundaries crossed, where someone did something to you without your consent, you will understand the importance of respecting the autonomy of other beings.  After all, what could be more personal and intimate than working with another person’s soul?

It becomes a question of consent.

This is also important when offering Reiki to animals, trees, and nature beings.  Take a moment to connect to their energy and ask if they would like to receive Reiki.  If you feel a positive response energetically, or if your Reiki begins flowing, then proceed with sharing healing.

Enjoy and treasure the opportunity to share healing with another being, and experience the gratitude and beautiful connection with reverence and appreciation.  Know that this is an experience that your souls have mutually chosen to have.

If the being you are offering Reiki to starts to move away, or indicates energetically or with their body language that they have received all that they wish to receive at this time, honor that wisdom and conclude the session.

This is important to remember with animals and young children as they do not use verbal language.  As your intuition and psychic awareness increases, you may develop the ability to communicate with other beings non-verbally, and you will know when they are requesting healing and when they are not interested.

Sometimes your Reiki will activate on it’s own in an emergency situation.

Perhaps you are waiting in line at the store, and your palms begin buzzing (without your intention to activate your Reiki) and you feel energy flowing.  In these moments you may be aware of who is in need of the Reiki, or you might not know who or what it is flowing to.

Your Reiki activated because someone or something near you was in need of healing, and as their Higher Soul was open to receiving it, Reiki began to flow.  Because their Higher Soul chose to receive the healing, you have received their consent.

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Reiki is an intelligent energy and can do no harm.  If this is true, how can people send healing to others without their consent?

To understand the answer, you must understand that there are many different kinds of energy that can be used for energy work.  There is Reiki, Divine Energy, solar prana, earth prana, water prana, air prana, personal chi and many more.

If a person is determined to “heal” someone else without their permission or consent, and is imposing their will upon them intending them to be healed, it is possible in those moments for them to use their own personal chi or other energies to send healing.

Why is this a problem?  While Reiki is guided by Divine Intelligence and can do no harm, using one’s personal chi or other energies does not necessarily offer the same protection.  When using other energies there can be the potential for Karmic Entanglement like we discussed earlier, the possibility for energetic contamination, and, of course, the failure to respect that person’s right to choose.

Since we know that what we put out becomes magnified and returns back to us, we need to be very aware that this energy of not respecting a person’s boundaries will likely come back to us, in a bigger way.

Although the topic is complicated and nuanced, the solution is simple.

When feeling called to send Reiki to others, we ask permission first.  If it is an emergency or other situation where we cannot ask permission first, simply send with the intention that the person only receives if they are open.

I would love to hear your experiences and insights when it comes to Reiki, distance healing and consent.  Leave a comment below sharing your perspective and I’ll be sure to respond.

Wishing you many Reiki blessings.

Atma Namaste.

Krystle Ash

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  1. Great information provided.

    Thanks for sharing these great insights with us.

  2. Tori Raddison says:

    I love how you said that if we’re offering healing instead of forcing it upon someone we can avoid bad karma because that’s something I’ve been worried about. I have a friend who is going through a hard time and I want to help her. What should I do if she isn’t open to it?

    • goldenlotuscenter says:

      If she is not open to it, the best thing to do is respect her wishes. Spend time with her, support her by being a good friend and send her blessings and love. Hold space for her to be where she is at, and allow her to go through her own healing process.

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    A close family member was admitted to the hospital, very ill, positive from covid. I asked my Reiki teacher if it would be ok to send in this case, without their permission and they said it would be. (Since we are unable to talk to them.) I sent distance healing without permission and didnt read this until after. Now i worry about doing wrong, messing with their energy, karmic entanglements. Is there anything i can do now? 🙁
    Thank you

    • goldenlotuscenter says:

      Atma Namaste! This is a great question. Sometimes there are emergencies where we can’t ask permission directly, and it is still okay to share healing. Just always send with the intention that they receive what they are open to. Just for today, do not worry. It sounds like your intentions were good and your heart was in the right place, so you can relax and let Reiki take care of the rest.

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