The Ancient Grove – Guided Grounding Meditation


This blissful guided meditation will lead you through an inward journey to ground your energy while experiencing deep relaxation.


A blissful guided grounding meditation that will lead you through an inward journey to ground your energy while experiencing deep relaxation.

This track has been remastered and features deeply relaxing Binaural Beats background music that will help you slip into Theta state – that space right on the edge of sleep where you feel incredibly relaxed and tuned in to your intuition and higher states of consciousness.

The meditation combines breathwork, energy healing and journeying.  It takes you on an etheric journey to a very special place, the Ancient Grove.

This is a place of deep healing, profound relaxation and peaceful connection with the Mother, Gaia.

Beautiful instrumental music plays gently in the background and continues for a few minutes after the meditation is complete, allowing you to continue meditating and return to the present moment in your own time.  This meditation is approximately 15 minutes long.

This deeply relaxing meditation is led by Reiki Master-teacher and Pranic Healer, Krystle Ash. An experienced and skilled energy worker, Krystle is known for her warm, soothing and grounding energy and specializes in working with women to reclaim and reconnect with their inner Feminine essence.

This meditation is a digital download.  After payment has completed you will receive your audio file for downloading.

Please note : After you complete your purchase you will need to download this audio file to a computer. Not a smart phone or tablet.  If you try and do that on your device it will only play the file, NOT save it. Once you have saved the file to your computer you can easily transfer it to your other devices. 

Please respect the energy and integrity of this work.  This meditation is fully copyrighted and is not for reproduction, resale, distribution or alteration without the explicit written consent of Krystle Ash.

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