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In the interest of making this training as accessible as possible, I always offer a payment plan option for all of my classes.

However, sometimes there are individuals who truly want to learn and would benefit greatly from the teachings who cannot afford a payment plan at the time of the class.

With these individuals in heart and mind, I am overjoyed to offer the Golden Lotus Scholarship Program.

This scholarship was created in honor of a beautiful and generous friend who once helped gift me the opportunity to attend a class when I was not able to financially afford the training.

Because of her generous gift, I was able to take the class and begin utilizing the teachings right away.   Her only request was that the generosity be paid forward.

In honor of her gift and to pay her kindness forward, I have created this scholarship program.

Scholarship applicants must:

  • Write a letter that communicates why they would like to learn Reiki Level One and how they feel this training will help them.
  • Complete the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Submit the letter and completed Scholarship Application Form via email to with the subject line “Scholarship Application”.

Recipients will be selected annually on or before October 23 for the Golden Lotus Scholarship Program, and will have their course fee for Reiki Level One reduced to a single payment of $50.

The recipients will be contacted by email and will have the opportunity to choose from the upcoming course dates to find a date that will work for them to attend.  The Level One training must take place within 6 months of the Applicant being selected.

If you have questions about applying for the Golden Lotus Scholarship Program offered through Golden Lotus Center, please contact me today.