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Growing through Triggers with Reiki

Growing Through Triggers with Reiki What is a trigger?  An unhealed wound. It starts with discomfort.  A feeling of unease or upset that could be quite subtle. Sometimes it’s not subtle at all, depending on the strength of the trigger and the rawness of the wound.  It might make a person freeze up, or engage…
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Healer, Heal Thyself: Spiritual Bypass, Shadow Work and Reiki.

Exploring Spiritual Bypass, Shadow Work, and Reiki When we begin learning a spiritual practice like Reiki, we are often so excited about all these exciting new techniques and perspectives that are helping us heal our lives. We practice diligently at first, but it doesn’t take long before we shift our focus to all the people around…
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4 Ways to Ground with Reiki

What is Grounding? The term Grounding refers to the process of connecting to the earth’s energy field, releasing excess energy, and harmonizing your lower chakras. What does being grounded look like? a healthy connection to the physical body and senses feeling stable and not easily swayed feeling clearheaded feeling balanced emotionally, spiritually and physically. If…
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Do We Need Permission to Heal Others?

Do we need permission to heal others? As Reiki Practitioners, we do not heal anyone. We offer Reiki with an open heart and they can accept it if they like, and make use of the Reiki energy to heal themselves. When it comes to offering Reiki for others it is important to understand this subtle…
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What Makes Our Reiki Training Different?

What makes Reiki Training with Golden Lotus Center different? 16 hours of class time for Reiki Level One. Many Reiki Level One classes only offer 3-6 hours of class time. Having two 8 hour days of instruction allows for hands on practice of everything learned, with time to ask questions and dive deeper into the…
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What is a Reiki Attunement? | Exploring Reiju

What Is A Reiki Attunement? “When I have been with a teacher, colleague, friend – or now, with a student – in Reiju, I have felt it like a melding of souls, of lights, of essences; I have felt it like a meditative place of ease; I have felt it like…a place of being the…
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