With Gratitude Work Diligently – Exploring the Five Reiki Precepts Part V

With Gratitude Work Diligently – Exploring the Five Reiki Precepts Part V

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If you are just coming across my work with on the precepts for the first time, I invite you to check out the previous articles on the purpose and meaning of the precepts as a whole, the First Precept: Just for Today, the Second Precept: Do Not Anger, and the Third Precept:  Do Not Worry.

Just for today, with gratitude, work diligently.


What is the deeper meaning behind this seemingly simple precept, and how does it directly apply to us as healers?  This precept is layered and complex, and speaks to our Reiki practice, our work in the world, and our ability to earn an income and provide for ourselves through our careers.

One facet of this precept is specific to us as Reiki Practitioners.  Another translation of this precept is “Just for Today, with gratitude practice diligently.”  This precept reminds us of the priceless gift we have been given in the form of the Teachings, and helps us remember to honor that gift by practicing what we have learned.  We will only get out of our Reiki practice what we put into it.

It can be easy to slip into an energy of complacency after the initial excitement and intense energy of a Reiki class begins to fade from memory.  This precept speaks gently to us, reminding us that we can access that beautiful Reiki energy at any time, that it is a part of us, and it waits for us to practice diligently so we can become more effective channels for healing in the world.

Before we can venture out and offer healing to others, we first need to begin the work of healing ourselves.  As Frans Stiene says, “I cannot give you tea if I do not have tea.”  Our daily Reiki practice is the key that unlocks the gifts of Reiki in our lives.  Through meditation on the Precepts, breathwork, the Reiki meditation techniques and our Self Reiki practice, we can integrate what we have learned and strengthen our connection to the Reiki energy while also experiencing the deep inner healing and shifts that Reiki brings.

It is impossible to build a thriving practice to help others without a strong foundation in the form of your own personal practice.  Resist the urge to neglect your daily practice.  Work diligently with your Reiki, and you will experience an inner blossoming that will bear fruit for the rest of your life.


Can working hard be spiritual?

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”
― Alan W. Watts

Just for today – with thankfulness work diligently.  This precept teaches us to remain in the moment, be grateful for everything we have, including the opportunity to work and earn a living, and to give our best effort to whatever we are doing in each moment.


The ability to work and earn an income is something to be very grateful for.  If you’ve ever been unemployed and searching for a job while watching your bank account balance shrink, you know just how true this really is.

While we certainly don’t want to devote our lives to work that degrades us or harms others, we should always be grateful for the opportunity to work and earn income and be of service in the world.  The best job is the one we have right now.   When we come from the heart and devote ourselves to giving our best to whatever we do, even washing dishes can become a beautiful act of service and meditation.


Sometimes we need to do what we have to do until we can do what we want to do.  The key is to remain grounded, remain grateful and devote ourselves to our work with a happy heart.

Remaining grounded is incredibly important. Focusing on lightwork and spirituality is wonderful, but if we do not also focus on strengthening and caring for our physical selves and the needs of our physical bodies, we become imbalanced.  We are physical beings in a physical world, and that is just as important as the fact that we are also spiritual beings having a physical experience.

If you have gifts inside of you that you long to express into the world, express them!  You might be a talented artist who is currently working as an accountant, for example.  While it is possible to transition to a career as a full time artist, it may not be practical at first and could require you to continue working as an accountant for several years to come in order to support yourself.

Remain humble, grateful for your work and think of other ways to express your creativity.  You do not have to work as a full time artist in order to make art, and expressing your creative talents in other ways (such as taking up a creative hobby or taking art classes in your free time) will fulfill your spirit’s need to create.

The key is to use our discernment to ensure we are using our time and resources in a way that is sustainable while also giving and being of service to others and finding ways of expressing our unique talents and gifts.  We must understand that nothing is owed to us, and view every opportunity to work and be of service to others as a gift worth being thankful for. 

Just for today, with gratitude, work diligently.

Warm thanks and Reiki Blessings,

Krystle Ash

Reiki Master-Teacher and Pranic Healer

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