Honoring the Seasons Inside of Us

Honoring the Seasons Inside of Us

Today I am feeling into stillness, introspection, dreaming and peace.

As I write this, it’s blizzarding outside, the first really heavy snowfall of the year. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, toasty warm, but I can see the heavy, wet flakes streaming down just outside the windows and covering everything with a soft blanket of white.

It’s not even 6pm, but it is dark outside.

Everything feels sleepy, and the energy calls us to go within, to bundle up inside of our homes with cozy quilts and warming food and drink.

Although the winters here are nothing to mess with (-40 Celsius is a regular enough occurrence), we are blessed to experience all 4 seasons so vividly.

Our winters are some of the coldest and most extreme on the planet, our summers are long and filled with beautiful sunshine and incredible thunderstorms, our spring is a fresh miracle every year, and our autumn displays are a delight for the senses as the leaves change color.

I’ve learned over time that the key to navigating the changing seasons externally is to honor the changing elements and energies internally.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

When winter comes, rather than trying to force myself to maintain the hurried pace of summer, I relinquish that energy and settle into the coziness of resting and just being.

I am like a seed that has been planted deep within the earth, laying dormant and dreaming of the growth that the spring and summer will surely bring, and the harvest that will be mine to savor when autumn returns again.

This is the time for dreaming, resting, and restoring our energy.

We are microcosms and macrocosms – entire universes to the billions of microscopic beings that inhabit (and make up) our bodies and simultaneously we are infinitesimally tiny specks of life teeming across the body of our great Mother, Earth.

Let’s remember to move in harmony with her rhythms.

Let’s remember the truth of what we really are.

As we remember our inter-connectedness to all things, we behave differently.  

In love and one-ness, 



P.S.  One of the things I am dreaming into being at this time is the 2021 Reiki class schedule.  If you are interested in learning Reiki with me, there will be group classes held again next year here in Edmonton and I’ll be announcing the upcoming dates in December or early January so you can plan ahead.  There is an upcoming Level 2 class on December 11-13 here in Edmonton, you can see the details here.

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